I provide specialist assessment and treatment planning / recommendations for adults (over the age of 18 years) who are experiencing a variety of mental health problems including mood disorders (depression), anxiety disorders, trauma-related disorders (e.g. PTSD), eating disorders, personality and relational problems, stress and work-place issues. 

As well as accepting referrals from various health care professionals, I offer and have experience in conducting psychiatric assessments for:

  • ACC (ISSC supported, functional and medication assessments) 
  • NZ Immigration 
  • War Pensions
  •  Insurance 
  • Work capacity 
  • Mental Health Act 
  • Second opinions 

The initial assessment takes into account the presenting mental health problems as well as any history of previous psychological / psychiatric difficulties, physical health issues, aspects of upbringing, past traumas and losses, family dynamics, and both current and past significant relationships. An initial assessment usually takes between 90 and 120 minutes. Sometimes this is able to be done in a single assessment. On other occasions two separate appointments may be necessary. 

Based on the initial assessment, and in collaboration with the patient, treatment options are considered and recommended to address the particular individual’s needs. These may include medications, talking therapies, lifestyle changes and other appropriate interventions. Referrals to other health professionals for further assessment and/or treatment are made when appropriate, and with the patient’s agreement and consent. 

I have a strong preference for face-to-face assessments when initially seeing people, but do occasionally utilise telephone or internet-based video appointments for those I have previously seen. This will be reviewed as necessary in line with changes in the nation-wide Covid-19 situation. I welcome the involvement of family / whanau in the assessment and treatment process when appropriate and agreed on by the individual patient. 

Throughout the assessment and treatment process patient privacy and confidentiality is a priority. Patient rights are governed by the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights. 

As a sole practitioner, I am not able to provide ongoing intensive follow-up for people who would be more appropriately seen by a multidisciplinary mental health team. I am not available to offer an emergency psychiatric service and am unable to provide urgent assessments for new patients. For acute psychiatric emergencies contact should be made with the local DHB for their emergency / crisis psychiatric service.


Initial Assessment $ 450 / hour (usually 1-2 hrs duration) *
Follow-up Appointment $ 360 / hour (usually 30-60 min duration)
Standard Assessment and report $ 900 all inclusive *
Complex Assessment and report negotiable

*There is an additional $25 charge for new assessments in Invercargill to assist in covering travel and accomodation costs.